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Now... The Truth!: I'm sure you're all aware by now that the government takes a very heavy hand in protecting consumers (let the buyer beware is an outmoded concept to the government) - they have all sorts of regulations that I must abide by - as in the disclaimer above. Look, I'm not trying to fool you, or pretend that you'll be making hundreds of dollars next week.

You can learn to earn money online, and many people do end up earning their entire income just from online activities. But it is a business, and if you don't treat it as a business, and put in the time learning what you need to learn, and most importantly, doing what you need to do, you won't earn anything at all.

It's sorta like the joke I heard about a guy named Joe who kept praying to win the lottery... finally, he heard a voice booming from above: "Joe... Buy A Ticket!". Don't be like Joe... the answer isn't to be found in procrastination... spend the time learning, then more importantly, spend the time actually creating websites, and you cannot help but to succeed!


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